Over the past three decades, Pittsburgh’s environment and economy have been re-made, and the region, comprising the 10 counties of southwestern Pennsylvania, now brims with opportunity. 


The Hazelwood Neighborhood

Ensuring a continuation of neighborhood identity throughout the Hazelwood Green development process is paramount. Preliminary measures have been taken to ensure that community voices are a part of the process from the on-set and can help both guide and inform the development of the site. In conjunction with work on Hazelwood Green, the Hazelwood Green team has built relationships with community groups in the Hazelwood neighborhood, as well as with stakeholder groups in nearby neighborhoods. Key partners in this effort are the Hazelwood Initiative (HI) and the Greater Hazelwood Community Collaborative (GHCC). HI is a community-driven organization that provides a strong, shared voice for Greater Hazelwood in addressing community needs and fostering economic development and community investment that is by and for the residents. As an umbrella organization, the GHCC is a collection of organizations, including both residents and well-established Pittsburgh non-profits, that work together to transform Hazelwood's future.


City-Site Connections

Hazelwood Green is surrounded by major institutions of higher learning, commercial development, and natural amenities. Connecting these major city assets to the site is a priority for the Hazelwood Green team, and their government, institutional, and neighborhood collaborators. Preliminary work is underway to identify alternative scenarios to enhance existing streets and highway corridors while also exploring new transit, bike, and pedestrian routes. A collaborative approach is being applied to create innovative solutions that provide multiple benefits to site users and the surrounding neighborhoods. A key component to Hazelwood Green's relationship with its neighboring communities is the work underway in Four-Mile Run to address challenging and complex stormwater and transit issues, refer to the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy to learn more.


Greater Pittsburgh Region

Pittsburgh has built on its historic strengths – manufacturing, finance, business services, and energy – and created entirely new industries with innovation and expertise in healthcare and life sciences and information technology. Pittsburgh’s dynamic, balanced economy has outperformed the national average, in terms of unemployment, in addition to setting a nation-wide standard for quality of life.

For business investors, the city delivers on essentials for success including strategic location, top-flight corporate real estate, a highly competitive cost of doing business and an affordable cost of living. For its people, Pittsburgh provides “most livable” quality-of-life assets: world-class performing arts; some of the country’s best healthcare; three major league sports teams; and year-round recreation amid three rivers, mountains, and rolling highlands.

Pittsburgh’s key industry sectors include (% of GDP):

  • Advanced Manufacturing (10%)
  • Energy (14%)
  • Financial & Business services (23%)
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences (10%)
  • Information Technology (3%)
  • Other (40%)

For more information on Pittsburgh’s recent growth and trends, key sectors, and position within the national economy, refer to the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance.