Find neighborhood and city resources, as well as site opportunities below. 

Local Resources

Hazelwood Initiative (HI)

"To build a stronger Hazelwood through inclusive community development."

Hazelwood Initiative organizes projects that connect residents, provide rehab and repair programs for homeowners, and work with stakeholders to balance commercial development with neighborhood needs. Through HI, learn about the neighborhood's development, get involved in community activities, and find additional resources for Hazelwood, Glen Hazel, and Hays residents.

Greater Hazelwood Community Collaborative (GHCC)

Look to the GHCC - a collective of Hazelwood resident organizations and well-established Pittsburgh non-profits - for activity and updates on the redevelopment of Greater Hazelwood. GHCC is working collaboratively to transform Hazelwood's future.


Looking to plug into a workforce development program? Partners4Work now has a presence in Hazelwood, and is looking to: 

"We partner with businesses to source and train the talent needed to grow the region’s economy. We partner with job seekers to break down barriers and open doors to opportunity for careers in growing industries. And we partner with agencies to make an impact in communities, to reach people where they are and set them on the path for a promising future.
We partner for information; we partner for impact; we partner for innovation; we partner for inspiration."

Allegheny Conference on Community Development

Find more information about both the city and county, including information on current trends and goals for their four focus areas:

  • Economy & Community
  • Infrastructure
  • Workforce
  • Strategic Communications



More opportunities on their way.